Which Management Company to choose?

There are just short of 200 management companies in Mauritius, and it is very hard online to find the right one for you. You will probably just find the biggest and the ones with the best SEO. The fact that you don’t need to come to Mauritius to set up the company and the bank account means that most people never meet who they are dealing with and have to rely on what they read online. We work with international clients as an independent intermediary to provide independent quotes from multiple management companies focusing on the key considerations below.

We have put below answers to a few of the key questions.

What to consider when choosing a management?
Cost of a management company

We find that there is a spread of around 40% between the cheapest and the most expensive on the market. Our ‘Compare costs and fees of Management companies’ page has more detail on this. The main things to note in principle concerns what is included in the initial quote. Some management companies go very low in their quote, but don’t include items that you will almost definitely need which can be quite misleading. You need to also bear in the mind the variable administrative costs with most of the management companies as well as the later charges such as audits and tax residence certificates which you may or may not need.

Responsiveness of management company

Many management companies are very good at the on-boarding process, and you deal with their senior team of sales and business development. The moment that you are on-boarded you then can deal with a slower, administrative team that don’t match the service that global clients generally require. We have worked out over the years who really continue to give their clients high levels of service even when they have paid. One can never also underestimate the most important element of human relationships, whereby one of the management companies clicks with your own ethos and preferences. One of our preferences is to use an independent consultancy firm to advise properly and bring in different reliable, management companies, that will save you a lot of time. 

Locations of management companies

Mauritius is small and whether the management company is in Port Louis, Ebene, Grand Baie or the West, does not matter in our view. Sometimes clients do however want the management company to have a satellite office or a proper national or regional office near to where they are based whether it be in Dubai, London, Cape Town, or Nairobi. All of these are possible as are Mandarin-speaking management companies for example. In Mauritius, we work with management companies in Grand Baie that makes them very accessible when clients are over. Equally, the management companies in Port Louis or Ebene are not too far away depending on where you are staying.

Management companies setting up global structures

Many of the management companies in Mauritius are a standalone company without international offices and some even without partners abroad. We think it is very important for a management company to have as a minimum, a partner or affiliate office in other jurisdictions. Ideally, they have their own office abroad so that the global administration of multiple entities is seamless, but at the very least they should be able to set up and manage multiple global entities all from Mauritius.

Specialisms of Management Companies

Many of the management company can set up a basic GBC or Authorised company, but if you require them to apply for a more specialised licence such as an Investment Dealer Licence or a Payment Intermediary Services Licence (PSP elsewhere) then you will need to be more careful as to which one to choose. A technical understanding of these special licence companies in Mauritius and how they work is key for the right management company. Not many of the management companies can administer a fund in Mauritius either so that requires some research to ensure you choose the right management company.


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