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We have been working with numerous management companies in Mauritius in many guises for the last decade and we know many of the owners that are interesting in selling their management company. Equally, many of our clients are interested in buying a management company, either as a regular investment, or more often than not they have companies that they want to manage and control themselves and would prefer to buy a management company than let someone else be their corporate service provider. We have therefore been linking investors and sellers together for several years.

Buying a management company

For those looking to buy a management company, we will ask a few questions as to how many entities you want the company to be currently managing, your approximate budget and any unique preference, e.g., no funds, or mainly funds. We will also need to provide some information about who the buyer is, and some basic KYC. You will need to sign NDAs and show provenance of your financial capability to buy a management company before we introduce you to a number of them. Once an agreement is in place you will need to be approved by the FSC to buy a management company.

Selling a management company

For those who are looking to sell a management company, please get in touch. We have many investors amongst our clients and in our network and they are generally very keen to speak to those looking to sell a management company. We will sign NDAs as normal. We normally ask you to fill in a short questionnaire about the management company you are selling, we speak to you to understand what you are looking for, i.e., remain as a minority shareholder or you want to guarantee 90% of the staff, and then we anonymously give enough of your details to see if any of our investors are interested in buying a management company.


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