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Management Companies in Mauritius

Everything you need to know about dealing with management companies in Mauritius, from choosing the right one, negotiating the right price, and setting up the appropriate offshore companies in Mauritius


Which Management Company to choose?

There are now considerable more than 200 FSC-licensed management companies in Mauritius. The difficult task is to find the right one for your requirements, that balances cost, expertise and service. Some management companies are global with multiple offices around the world. Others are just focused on the Mauritian market. The management company is effectively your business agent/partner in Mauritius. They provide directors, a registered office and a company secretary. They are often a signatory on your bank account so make sure you get the right one for you. Read our guide as to what to consider when choosing who to go with.

Compare Costs and Fees

The founders have worked with many of the management companies in Mauritius, and assisted with numerous company, trust and fund formations. We give insights as to what types of companies can be set up in Mauritius. We explain how the different licences work and what to consider in terms of the fixed and variable fees. There is a significant range given in our table due to the fact that the price to set up a company in Mauritius, and administer it varies widely. The key thing is to be able to understand what fees are relevant for you. You must then factor that into your company setup in Mauritius and your overall global structure and make sure that the numbers work for you before moving forward.

Learn more about business registration in Mauritius

Register your company to invest in Africa via Mauritius
How to register your business to invest in Africa via Mauritius?

What type of Mauritius offshore company should you choose? Consider the activities, location of activities, tax implications, bilateral treaties, type of income and location of shareholders.

What to know before doing Business in Mauritus
What to know before doing Business in Mauritius?

What do you need to think about when either coming to relocate here? Are you investing in Mauritius, or just setting up a company to trade or invest elsewhere?

Which Management Company in Mauritius to Choose?

There is a significant variation between the price, service, responsiveness, global capabilities and specialisms between the different corporate service providers.